Message Ecologies Logo

Site under construction. Objectives:

  1. Set up a Moodle. (Done).
  2. Create a Page Logo (Done).
  3. Set up wiki, survey, and blog software (order to be determined).
  4. Create a real front page layout. Need to decide what form the layout will take (PHP, Dynamic HTML, Frames, Tables, JavaScript, Java Servlets, Ruby. I appear to have many choices)
  5. Start Creating MessagEcologies content. That will be the fun part.

Here, as a suggestion of what you are likely to find here later, is a small list of message ecologies:

  1. A relationship
  2. A family
  3. An organization
  4. A community
  5. A society
  6. A workplace
  7. The stock market
  8. A carnival or exposition
  9. A store or shopping mall
  10. A street or highway

That's just a few. The key thing about a message ecology is that it supports a variety of different kinds of messages using a variety of media and languages (including verbal, written, non-verbal, etc). Describing these ecologies and the communication that occurs in them is, in a very real sense, the point of this site.